Proximity Social Marketing: Business and Personal

it’s never been easier to connect nearby!

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Discover Nearby Posts | Share Personal or Business Posts with neraby people over Bluetooth!

iPhone as an iBeacon!

Enables your iPhone to be an iBeacon for advertising posts

Create and Share

Snap a picture with your phone, add your caption and begin sharing

Spoof Proof

Protects the authenticity of the posts by revealing advertiser's' name to the nearby!

Discover Nearby

Monitors and notifies you when it discovers nearby posts

No Sign Up required

Compatible with iCloud – just sign in and you’re ready to PALP

Share Discovered Posts

Share your discovered posts seamlessly on Facebook and Twitter

Discover posts shared by PALP users around you!

PALP discovers posts from nearby users – even when your phone is in sleep mode – and sends you a notification of the great deals nearby.

For example, if you’re walking down a street, PALP sends you a notification when it detects specials from up to 200 feet away.

Take advantage of finding new deals with PALP and share them on your social networks

Snap a picture with your phone, add your caption and start sharing!

Create as many posts as you want and start sharing. Any post you advertise can be edited or deleted and your pictures can be uploaded easily from your camera or phone library.


You are a restaurant owner trying to announce specials to customers nearby

OR a chess player in a coffee shop looking for a partner to play a game of chess.

It’s never been easier to connect and share nearby!

PALP it!

Business and Personal